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How to successfully maintain uninterrupted elevator services despite restrictions imposed by corona

IoT-based solution from Bosch ensures around-the-clock safety even in times of crisis

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What challenges do elevator system operators face in this ongoing corona crisis?

The coronavirus pandemic restricts our everyday routines. Any activity in the workplace or at customer premises is regulated by statutory restrictions prohibiting physical contact and stipulating social distancing. These rules pose challenges for many companies. For example, how can they ensure continuous and safe elevator operations without the need to have a service technician on site all the time.

How does Bosch solve this challenge?

Bosch is using a solution based on the Internet-of-things (IoT) to resolve the problem. It involves digitally connecting objects and machinery, enabling a whole new level of transparency for elevator operations. It successfully enables remote monitoring of elevators, eliminating any need for on-site staff. A sensor box is quickly and easily mounted on the elevator, thereby digitally networking the system. This sensor box transmits data to the cloud and registers any functional faults or inefficient operating parameters.

"The current situation demonstrates that we made the right decision to enable remote monitoring of sensitive building systems via the cloud. We view such IoT solutions consisting of sensors, software and remote service as pioneering, forward-looking concepts for the monitoring sector."
Michael Bär, Product Manager, Bosch Elevator Cloud

These IoT solutions create the transparency needed to maintain elevator operations "by remote control" even in times of restricted contact imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. It ensures reliability and safety, sparing everyone the inconvenience of interrupted service.

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