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Bosch Elevator Cloud

Bosch Elevator Cloud: comprehensive services for your elevator systems

The Bosch Elevator Cloud combines all elevator services from Bosch in one platform. The unique combination of hardware, software and services uses real-time data for the efficient control of all elevator processes.

Services for elevator monitoring, elevator emergency support and the rescue of trapped persons simplifies operation and maintenance. All relevant standards and guidelines are observed.

We have the right solution for you

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Elevator monitoring

Using an easy-to-install sensor box, inefficient operating parameters and faults are transmitted to the Bosch Elevator Cloud, analyzed, and remedial action is then taken by our associates. We also coordinate and document any necessary on-site repairs.

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Elevator emergency support

Being stuck in an elevator is a nightmare scenario for many people, while for operators it involves significant costs. Our manufacturer-independent complete solution with emergency call center manned 24 hours a day, hardware and comprehensive partner network ensures rapid assistance in an emergency and for the carrying out of repairs.

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Rescue of trapped people

If you operate the emergency call service yourself, we have around 180 intervention partners who will quickly and reliably rescue trapped people.

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Why Bosch is the right partner for you

Many years of experience

For more than 30 years we have been operating our own monitoring centers and currently monitor around 70,000 elevators

Flexible platform

Open standards and retrofit solutions allow monitoring across different manufacturers

Highest security standards

Our monitoring centers operate redundantly and are certified in accordance with EN50518 and VdS

Extensive partner network

We have around 180 local intervention partners to guarantee rapid assistance on site

Integrator expertise

We offer tailored solutions comprising sensors, software and services

Service 24 hours a day

Our 24/7 monitoring centers keep a safe eye on your processes at all times and intervene immediately, if necessary

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