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Bosch Elevator Cloud

Elevator monitoring ― Intelligent interaction of sensors, software and services

A technician kneeling in front of an elevator with tablet computer in hand uses the Bosch Elevator Cloud to analyze the elevator's data

The benefits of elevator monitoring at a glance:

High level of transparency

Information on the status and conditions of the elevator and any incidents that occur is available and recorded 24 hours a day

Easy to retrofit

The easy retrofit solution can be installed quickly in less than 30 minutes – no matter what kind of elevator or what control unit is in use

Lower costs

Cost savings achieved by detecting faults immediately and optimizing maintenance cycles

Video: Elevator Monitoring by Bosch Service Solutions

Modules of the Bosch elevator monitoring solution:

The elevator monitoring system from Bosch makes the operation of elevators more efficient, more reliable, and safer. The interaction of sensors, software and services provides the foundation for creating intelligent elevator solutions.

1. Sensors

Sensors detect and record in real time the elevator's status and data

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2. Software

The data acquired are evaluated in detail in the Elevator Cloud

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3. Services

This evaluation is used to generate customized service plans for elevators

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1. Sensors ensure status and fault detection


The sensor box, designed as a plug-and-play unit, takes less than 30 minutes to install on top of the elevator cab roof. The hardware requires no hardwired connection to the elevator control system, and fits on any elevator, irrespective of the make or model. The acceleration sensors included in the unit detect and record the elevator condition data such as its current position, travel movements, the number of door openings, and any potential unscheduled elevator downtimes. All incidents of malfunction are recorded in a traceable manner.

Solution functions at a glance

Status monitoring

Elevator monitoring by a system of sensors

Data analysis

In-situ preliminary analysis of real-time data by the installed device

Data transmission

Data transfer to the cloud by mobile telecommunication

2. Data analysis by cloud-based software

Screenshot of the Bosch Elevator Cloud

The data generated by the sensor box are collected and analyzed in the cloud. The user-friendly operator interface displays the elevator’s current status, the position of the elevator cab, and the number of trips. The dashboard is available for display in a map mode as well as a list view, providing information on the elevator. In the event that any operator-specified parameter setting is exceeded, the maintenance or repair measures needed to rectify the condition are initiated. This high level of transparency of elevator status and condition reduces downtimes to a minimum.

Solution functions at a glance

Cloud-based analysis of data

The data collected from the elevator are analyzed with the aid of algorithms

Around-the-clock fault detection

Fast detection of malfunctions and ordering of necessary maintenance measures

Documentation of key monitoring and analysis results

Monitoring and analysis results are made available via dashboards and reports

3. Comprehensive service scope

Associates of the Bosch Monitoring Center

We offer custom-tailored service packages that include monitoring elevator conditions, handling and responding to emergency calls, and evacuating any occupants of inoperative elevators. Our personnel document all incidents, manage all repair interventions and optimize the maintenance intervals. We offer individual one-off services as well as comprehensive service solutions in complete packages, all custom-fit to your specific needs and wishes.

Solution functions at a glance

Determining the optimum points in time for maintenance

Maintenance recommendations are derived based on the parameters of usage

Elevator management from a single source

Elevator emergency support, rescue of trapped people, and visual inspections as a combined service solution

Custom-tailored service concepts

Implementation of customer-requested service concepts

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